What To Look For When Hiring A Long Island Basement Contractor

Basement Contractors Long Island

Basement Long Island

Basement Long Island

Basement Contractors Long Island have been around ever since the first basements were built. So finding one for your finished basement project should not be a problem. A quick look in the local penny saver or web search will get you a hand full of Long Island Basement contractors. The basement Long Island credo is to build a finished basement as quickly and cheaply as possible. Creating a big race to the bottom because as you know you get what you pay for.

Basement Long Island

Living on Long Island can be a great experience and when the time comes to move or improve the choice to improve stays as the main choice. This is due to the fact that homes on Long Island tend to keep their value. This justifies investing in your current home with the ease of mind that you wont end upside down on your mortgage. Finding the right contractor for your finished basement should be an easy task but when you start comparing services and materials you start to see why some prices are cheaper or more expensive.

Don’t get sold a lump of coal and end up paying for a diamond. Sales tactics are there to get more money out of your pockets and into their coiffures. The basic rule is if the company you hire has a big marketing budget then you will most likely be paying too much for your basement. If the company has a big staff and big overhead you might want to consider using the smaller guys because it cost them a certain amount of money to snare you in their net. So now they need to recoup that money.

So when you are looking for Long Island Basement Contractors look a little deeper for the companies without the big advertising and sales gimmicks. They will probably give you just as good quality and materials at a more affordable price.

From East Northport to sayville you will find basement contractors you can form a relationship with not just a business deal.

Long Island Basement Contractors

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4 Ways To Find Out Your Basement Has Too Much Moisture

Moisture In Your Long Island Basement

LI Basements

LI Basements

Because basement foundations are built into the ground, there is always a possibility that moisture is going to exist. Water will be capable of intruding, but unfortunately if too much water intrudes and your Long Island basement becomes too wet, then some problems can arise that you are going to want to address when your basement becomes damp. There are a number of different ways that you can determine that your basement has too much moisture in it. Here are four of the most prevalent signs that your basement is too wet:

 Water Stains

The most common water stains may be found along the walls, the floor or the ceiling. There are a number of different potential causes for water stains, but any time you find stains from wetness you are going to need to figure out the cause so that you can address it right away. For example, water stains on the floor may simply be from a laundry tub overflowing, or other the other hand you may have water that is seeping in through your walls, your floor or your basement windows. This is a more serious problem that you need to take care of quickly to prevent your basement from becoming too wet.

 A musty odor or a damp smell

The smell is going to be unmistakable if there is an excess amount of moisture in your basement. If you suddenly notice a change in the smell of your basement, then it is going to benefit you to pour over your entire basement looking for water staining, mold and other signs that too much moisture might exist.

 The presence of mold

Mold is a serious tell tale sign that you have a moisture problem. Mold can be colored brown, black, green or yellow. If something looks like mold, then you need to have it tested. A susceptible place for the development of mold is the northwest corner in your home, which is regarded as a “cold corner” where mold is most likely to grow if a moisture problem exists.

Efflorescence or spalling

Efflorescence in a condition that involves the production of grayish or white ash on basement walls. Efflorescence may sometimes sparkle. It is caused by the left behind salt deposits once moisture has evaporated. Spalling also involves salt deposits, where the deposits left behind cause the surface of certain materials to peel, flake away or to pop off such as with brick, concrete and stone surfaces.

These are four tell tale signs that your Long Island basement is experiencing too much dampness. Some of these indicators are obviously more serious than the rest, such as mold which can spread and can be unhealthy if left unchecked in your home. It is important that you consider all of the possibilities for root or underlying causes when your basement is damp so that you can address the underlying cause and keep everything dry and in good shape.

Before finishing your Long Island Basement you need a consultation from a professional to assess your moisture issues. Don’t just build a quick finished basement just because you can. Make sure the necessary building method and techniques are used to ensure a long lasting quality basement. A basement that can be built to provide you with many years of care free enjoyment. Click below for a basement contractor on Long Island who will do the job right the first time.


Long Island Basement Contractor

Long Island Basement Photos

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How To Choose The Right Long Island Basement Design

NY finished basements

Long Island NY Basement

If you live on Long Island and have a huge basement under your home which is full of clutter, cobwebs, cockroaches, mice and other organisms then you are plainly wasting an opportunity to make your home more fun because that essentially abandoned part of your home could be transformed into something you and your family can be proud of. Many people are seeing the need to design their Long Island basements into something useful and there is no reason why you should be left behind. Here are a couple of tips to choose the right basement design so that it will be transformed into a place you will cherish.

Long Island basements are naturally more humid and cooler compared to other parts of your home and this should be taken into account when coming up with a basement design. Even though you may want to turn that part of your home into something that can help you chill out, it will be unwise if the design will cause damage to your home and that is why you should stay away from an idea such as installing a hot tub in your basement because it will only result in excessive amounts of moisture which will result in molds and rotting of wooden areas.

It’s also important to consider shortages you may be facing in your main house and incorporate that into your basement design. For instance if you receive lots of  visitors and face problems accommodating them in your main house then it may be a good idea to design your basement into a guest suite with a bathroom and other essential facilities to make your visitors as comfortable as possible. However make sure you have enough room in your basement to be able to execute this to perfection and don’t forget to install ample heating to ensure your guests don’t suffer from the lower temperatures down there.


If you and your family enjoy going to theatres to watch movies then it will be a great idea to design your basement into a movie room, equipped with large screen plasma or LCD TV, DVD player as well as surround systems to generate the ultimate movie experience. It won’t be a bad idea to have a pop corn machine installed somewhere down there and this will guarantee more family time with your spouse and kids, while saving you some movie ticket costs. On the other hand if there is lack of room for your kids to play or you realize that they are always messing up your living room then transforming your Long Island basement into a game room equipped with a large TV, couches, console games, pool tables, etc. will give your kids the chance to play and have fun.


The basement under your Long Island home can also be transformed into a workout gym, office, workshop, bar, etc. depending on your preferences and whichever design you decide to opt for, you should make sure you will get the necessary permit as well as ample lighting and escape windows for unforeseeable situations.


Click here for a qualified Long Island basement contractor.

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Long Island Basements – Painting

long island basements

Long Island Basements

Your Long Island Finished Basement is a valuable asset and a very important portion of your home to take care of. In order to protect the basement of your home from moisture and rot, one cost efficient way is to apply a fresh coat of paint by an expert professional basement contractor. Failing to keep up with remedial maintenance and repair to your basement can turn out to be a costly mistake. Doing a makeover to your basement will give a higher value to it. Not only that, you will be in a happy mood  after the work is done. The extra protection and renewed life a new paint job will give to your basement can last for several years. Secure at least three bids and choose the best LI basement contractor based on your pre-determined criteria.


In planning a total remodel or just a painting of your Long Island basement homeowners are faced with the challenging decision of whether to hire a professional painting contractor or making it a do-it-yourself project. Many people are happy with the results of the painting jobs done by professionals. They believe that the quality and craftsmanship provided by good painters are worth much more than the money paid. Also the time it would take for you to do it yourself does not equal in value to the time you could spend on other projects. You might be contemplating doing the job yourself because you are having a hard time finding the right contractor. Maybe you think the cost of having somebody else do the job is too high.

If you have the money and not the time to have a professional paint your basement your going to be looking for certain criteria in your search for a Long Island Basement Contractor. Some questions you might have before you begin will be:

  • How will you discover a good painting contractor?
  • How can you rest assured that the finished project will meet or exceed your expectations?
  • What methods will you need to follow to get a fair deal?

These are some issues you might be dealing with or should be considering. If you are deciding to paint your basement plus other areas of your home you should be able to be qualified for a volume discount. Some contractors are able to apply a better rate when the job is bigger. So now is the time to consider painting the whole basement instead of one room or painting the whole house. Depending on your budget and desire to change colors will justify your decision.

Finding a good Long Island basement painting contractor is not that difficult. You need a little common sense and some minimal resources to get on the right track. Check your local papers for ads. Some of these are free and delivered right to your door or you might get them at the local market. Search the internet for Long Island Basement painting or Long Island finished basements. Whatever term you use you should be able to find a list of contractors able to do your job.

Once you narrowed your search down choose three contractors you think might be good for you. Set up the appointments and have them over for an estimate. The estimates should be free and the contractor should be able to give you a time they will be over. While they are at your home ask them what type of paint and primer they will use for your basement. If you don’t have any idea of the paint you want to use let them suggest a brand they like. Usually Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams are the products the professionals use.

Request that they give you references of past jobs. Three or four references is not so bad a number to ask for. They should easily be able to supply you with that. Try to evaluate the contractor’s behavior during the interview. You don’t need a degree in psychology but some common sense and gut feeling will serve you right. Good contractors show their professionalism with positive enthusiasm, courtesy and sincerity in dealing with the probing questions of potential customers. They welcome direct and straightforward questions. Your end result is to have a good job at a fair price but having a contractor with a good attitude is always an added bonus.

If the three contractors you chose have impressive customer references and pass your other criteria, you can start negotiations. Ask them to look at your home and submit a detailed scope of work and cost. Services would cover brand, quantity, type of paint and primer, color schemes, caulking, number of coatings, time frame of work from start to finish, estimated project cost, insurance, clean up etc. Once they have submitted their bids, it is now time to finalize the terms and conditions and sign up a deal with your preferred Long Island painting contractor!

Long Island Finished Basements


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