10 Ways To Save Money On Your Finished Basement

10 Money Saving Tips For Your Finished Basement

Whether you live on Long Island or not here are a few money saving tips to keep in mind when planning your finished basement project.


You can design your basement with all the amenities or not. Depending on your budget if you have a kitchen and/or bathroom going in your basement you should position them close to the main plumbing drain of your home. Some homes the main drain is  halfway up the wall. This gives you some more flexibility as to where you can position your rooms like kitchen and bath. Other homes the drain is under the concrete slab. The further away you are the more labor involved in breaking the floor up to run drains for the new kitchen and bath. Keep them close to avoid extra labor.


There are so many different brands, styles and price points to cabinets. Choose one you like that’s more10x10 Tuscany Shaker Espresso Kitchen affordable. One of the least expensive are the cabinets that are pre-packaged for you to build yourself. You can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, IKEA, or Amazon. For example you can get a 10×10 Tuscany Shaker Espresso Kitchen at Amazon for about two grand. You have to put it together but it might be worth the savings to you.


Save money by getting affordable but reliable plumbing fixtures. For example you can get a Glacier Bay 2-piece 1.28 GPF High Efficiency Round Toilet in White at Home Depot for about 100 bucks. You can get a Peerless 4″ single handle faucet for about 30 bucks. That’s just two examples of the cost savings in plumbing alone.


You can spend a lot more money on solid real wood doors but keep it simple. Go with the pre-hung hollow core six panel type doors. Usually your home center has them on the shelf already. If you have to order doors you will more than likely pay more money for them.


Mouldings can get expensive if you are looking for a rich inviting look with extra wide door moulding and base moulding. Generally speaking the wider the moulding the more it will cost. To save money choose the pre-primed 2 1/2″ for the doors and windows and the 3 1/2″ for the base. You can shave off a few more clams if you go for the composite type material. If you have a big basement and a lot of footage the savings will add up.


Ceramic or porcelain tile are great for basements and should be your top consideration when choosing your floor. You might want to consider linoleum as your second choice. These options are best defense against moisture and water. Floating floors are inexpensive when compared to tile but if a pipe breaks you will have to replace it because water will get in between the wood planks and promote mold growth. Carpeting is warm and inviting but make sure you don’t have any moisture or water problems.


Your investment for a basic 2’x4′ drop ceiling will be the same as if you were using 1/2″ wall board. As long as there’s not to many utilities in the way and the wall board can be installed with out much interference. If there are a lot of wires and pipes and ducts in the way it might save you some money if you went with a drop ceiling.


If you are looking for more natural light in to your basement an egress window will require a smaller investment compared to an exterior entrance with stairs. There are a few kits that are shipped with the walls, window and top clear cover. Talk to your contractor about which kit you like the most.


Door knobs can range from five hundred each to twelve dollars each. The twelve dollar knobs will work just as well and reliably as the five hundred dollar knobs. Choose according to your budget and taste.


If you don’t need a kitchen, bathroom or weight room yet you can ask your contractor to build your basement as one big room. You can always add to it later. This flexibility will allow you to get your basement and not worry about breaking the bank.

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Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing Ideas Long Island

Are you looking for basement finishing Long Island? Finishing your basement can be a great way to add function and usability to your home but what can you do with a basement? The possibilities are endless. We are only limited by imagination and budget. Two main categories of basement living spaces are:

Utilitarian Basement Ideas

Utilitarian basement spaces are those which you need. Why would you need to finish your basement? If the living quarters upstairs have become too cramped and crowded. If you have utilities upstairs that you can move to the basement to free up some valuable living space. These spaces include a basement kitchen, bath, bedroom, Living room, laundry, storage room, furnace/boiler room. These can be classified as utilitarian basement spaces for the necessity. On the other hand we have what we consider luxury spaces. The photos below should give you an idea of what you can do with Utilitarian spaces.

Luxury Basement Ideas

Luxury basement spaces are those which you want. Why would you want luxury basement spaces? If you have the money and the extra space to improve quality of life and usability of your home. Also you may be regarding the higher value of your home when finishing your Long Island Basement. Luxury basement ideas can be a museum, a library, a wine cellar, a bowling alley, a billiard hall, a game room, a bar, a recording studio, a work shop, a laboratory, a classroom, a church etc. etc. You get the idea. Check out the photos below for ideas of different room types and different types of finishes you can have when finishing your basement.

Real finished basements will look like the rest of your home without the annoying modular look you get with basement systems. Find a basement finishing company to help you with your project.

The photos below will give you some good ideas when planning your luxury basement spaces.

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Basement Design Long Island

Are you looking to alleviate an overcrowded living space in your home. Do you have an unfinished basement? If you answered yes to these basement design long islandquestions then presumably the thought of finishing your basement must have crossed your mind. Finishing your basement is a great way to utilize unused space in your home but before you start calling contractors try and figure out what you need incorporated into your basement design on Long Island. Consider these factors before you start designing your basement.


Basement needs are generally the utilitarian type spaces that take priority to other types of spaces. For example if you need to alleviate an overcrowded living space you might consider a Bedroom, Home Office, Playroom or Apartment.


Basement spaces you want are more of a luxury than a need. For example a Home Theater, Library, Gym, Sauna, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bar, Museum, Cedar Closets, Trophy Room, Game Room.


How big is your basement? Your basement foot print will determine the sizes and locations of your Long Island Basement Design. The location of stairs, windows, outside entrance, plumbing and electric will also determine best locations of rooms and usability.


How much can you afford? Affordable basements are possible if you have a limited budget. Adjust the sizes of rooms, use less expensive finishes, don’t finish the whole basement at once, keep an eye out for sales, look at second used building supplies or overstock building supplies, scratch and dent appliances.

Take notes and make a list of the types of spaces you want/need in your basement and write down all questions that arise. Consider your budget and when you need it done. Once you have this information it’s time to call a basement contractor for prices and ideas.

Click here for a Qualified Contractor to review your basement design Long Island.

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Affordable Basements Long Island

You’ve come to the conclusion that you need a basement and don’t know where to start. You are wondering how much could a basementaffordable basements long island cost and can I afford a basement on Long island. Typically a moderately sized basement will run around $20,000 with no bells or whistles. What are the bells and whistles you ask?

Size or Footprint

You can finish a portion of your basement. You don’t have to finish the whole thing. Keeping it down to the bare minimum can really make your Long Island basement more affordable than you think. If you only need a bedroom then by all means don’t finish anything else. You can always go back later down the road and add to it. A media room, a bathroom, A library etc. Finish the bedroom and get grandma or junior down there quickly to alleviate extra usage in the main portion of the home.


Adding a bathroom is a great way to add greater functionality to your Long Island Finished basement. Roughly estimating it could run an additional $10,000 to your basement price. If your drain is above the floor it will run a little bit more because of the extra equipment and labor needed to handle the waste water. Control costs by using basic materials and keeping it simple. IE a shower stall, tile on the floor only, buy your fixtures on clearance or on sale.


Kitchens are just like bathrooms. They require plumbing and extra equipment like cabinets, appliances and electrical. This too can add an extra $10,000. Control costs by using basic materials and keeping it simple with inexpensive in stock cabinets and handles, linoleum floor, clearance or scratch and dent appliances.


Having an egress windows or door is a great addition to any finished basement. An egress window adds about $5,000 an egress door about $8,000. You’re looking for an affordable finished basement so these may not be options for you but maybe in the future you could add one.

If you are finding it hard to afford a finished basement you may be able to find a basement contractor Long Island who will work with you. For example you can work it out in phases. You can agree to have the contractor complete a phase and pay him/her for that part of the job and come back another time to finish other phases. Some phases would be framing, electric, plumbing, wall board, doors and finishing and painting.

If you are handy you can do a phase or two by yourself and save a bunch of money. It all depends on how long are you willing to wait for the basements completion and how much you can afford at once. The best option might be that mentioned above. Split your basement project in to phases but instead of framing, electric etc. use the phases as bedroom, library, bathroom etc. This way you are getting a finished product quickly at an affordable rate.

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How Deep Of A Basement Can You Build On Long Island

Building a basement on Long Island can be a challenging task if you do not follow a few simple rules. The depth of your basement How Deep Of A Basement Can You Build On Long Islandmainly depends on how high the water table is. Also you might want to be out of the storm surge flood zone. The water table varies on Long Island. Basically the higher you are above sea level the safer you are from getting water. Although that is not guaranteed. Some areas on the north shore have a lot of clay in the soil which means heavy rains or streams can not drain away from your basement that could eventually end up in your basement.

Due to the way the glaciers formed Long Island the south shore ended up closer to sea level and the north shore ended up higher with hills and bluffs. You will find almost all of the storm flood zones and water table problems are on the south shore. The closer you get to the Great South Bay the more susceptible you are to potential storm flooding.

The ideal soil conditions for a Long Island home is of the sand/gravel mix variety. It allows for good drainage and good structural support. The soil on Long Island varies from town to town but this sand/gravel mix will allow water to drain away from your basement keeping it dry. There are spots on the south shore that are like this which allows for a dry basement. My friends basement on the south shore of Long Island in Bayshore stayed perfectly dry during hurricane Sandy. Not all basements on the south shore were flooded during hurricane Sandy. Check your location on flood zone maps for any confusion regarding if your home is in the flood zone.

There are water mediation techniques available to you if your heart is still set on finishing your basement even though you most likely have water/moisture issues in your basement. French drains or perimeter drains installed under the floor along the interior foundation walls is a typical remedy. Also the same can be done along the exterior of the home but at a much higher cost because of the necessary equipment and extra labor to dig out the yard. Also the possibility of reworking the landscaping. Since the foundation will be dug out at this point you may as well add a membrane or some other suggested water sealer to the outside of the foundation wall.

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Long Island Basement Organizing

When finishing your Long Island basement you might have a different purpose other than creating a living space. You might just need to organize all of your stuff. There are different options to organizing your stuff that’s cluttering your Long Island basement. There are shelving and cabinet options you can purchase to help clear up your clutter problem. You can have your contractor build you some quick inexpensive shelving with framing lumber and plywood or you can purchase chrome highly finished shelving units. The same goes for cabinets you can use builders cabinets or buy kitchen cabinets.

long island basement organizingDepending what you want to do or how you plan on separating your basement you could also have closets built all over the basement where your cabinets and shelving will be housed. You can have these closets as big or small as you like. Separated by subjects, for instance files in one closet, equipment in another, pantry in another etc.

Another option is to make your basement one big space and layout your shelving grocery store style. Where all of your cabinets and/or shelving is laid out creating aisles for easy access. This will make it easy for you to catalog everything and number the shelves. This will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for like a grocery store or a Library. You could possibly use a computer program to help catalog what you have and the locations of everything. If you’re not computer savvy you can just draw a plan out on paper and label everything in the plan. Imagine if you needed that big pasta pot or batteries but regretting the hunting trip you’ll go on just to find it. That’s a hassle but if you have an organized basement this “hunting trip” will not even be a question. You’ll have it and be on your way.

Another option is to split your basement into living and storage space. Using the same principals as storage and living spaces you can layout your basement as you see necessary. You can combine living spaces and storage spaces as two big halves or have each living space separated by it’s own storage space.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and budget. If you are in the market  to have your basement organized you can find a Long Island Basement contractor here.

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Long Island Basement Builder

When the time comes for you to build your Long Island basement you will need a contractor to help guide you in the right direction.long island basement builder You should hire a local Long Island basement builder that will be there when the time comes to start your basement project. There are many elements of your basement you need to plan for or around when planning your basement foot print. You want your finished basement to flow and be easy to use. Bedrooms, kitchen, bath and living room should be placed according to where the utilities are, the entrance and other amenities that might get in the way or enhance each space.

You will want to have a real basement built with real walls because real walls are most flexible when it comes to interior decorating and layout. Real walls are built using framing and sheetrock which are painted or papered or wainscotted or whatever your heart desires. You can also have mold resistant sheetrock installed to help eliminate any mold problems that might turn up. This mold resistant sheetrock is made to resist mold growth.

You’ll need to consider your plumbing variables which are based on a few questions. Do you want to heat your basement? What kind of heating system do you have? Do you want a bathroom and/or a kitchen? Are you using a gas or electric stove? Answers to these questions will affect the price and duration of your basement project. Certain elements such as a bathroom can affect the layout of your basement. The bathroom is usually placed within the vicinity of your drain line.

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Before You Finish Your Long Island Basement

basement westhampton NYLong Island Basements So you’re at the point where you need more space and you’re on a limited budget, you also need it done quickly. Well if you have a basement then you’re in a good position to get it done asap right? Not so fast because there are some considerations before you dive in.

Moisture – Do you have any moisture or water problems currently or have you had any in the past? These problems are your first and foremost conditions that must be taken care with your Long Island Basement before you do any thing else. Even if the cost of curing your moisture or water problems takes you out of getting a finished basement you need to remedy these problems no questions asked. Moisture and water problems in your home is like having a fire you must take care of it immediately. Consider yourself lucky that you know about the problem because some problems are subtle and unnoticeable then manifest themselves later as a huge problem. Moisture in your house creates rot, mold, rust, stains, mildew and unpleasant odors. So before you finish your basement take care of your moisture problems or you might be building a basement that will need to be redone or ripped apart later on. You don’t want to do your basement twice do you?

Contractors – Usually calling a couple contractors over to measure the job and give you a price quote is a good first step. They can give you an idea of costs, how long it will take and might be able to spot any water problems you have.

Layout/Design – Before you call a contractor you might want to figure out how you want the basement configured. Where do you want the bath, kitchen, bedrooms etc. or you might want one big space. If you have a good idea before the contractor comes over it will be easier for the contractor to know what your intentions are. Some home owners even create a simple floor plan and give it to the contractor. You can achieve this with simple inexpensive software or use graph paper and draw it out by hand.

Budget – Be honest you need a certain amount of money to accomplish a certain amount of living space. You might want to let the contractor know what your budget is so you’re not misleading them. Or instead of disclosing your budget you can ask your contractor to do your basement in stages. For example you can ask your contractor to do the framing first and wait till you have enough funds to do the plumbing and electric. Then when you’re ready you can have the contractor come back to do the wall board and plastering/spackling. If you’re having a drop ceiling you can do that as another step also. You can split the job into a few steps to make it easier for you to pay or you can finance the project. Some contractors offer financing or you can choose your own options.

Entrance/Egress – An outside entrance and egress window will greatly increase the value and safety of your Long Island finished basement. You should consider having one or both of these elements applied to your finished basement. Some codes require they be installed but for safety egress during an emergency these options might serve invaluable. The costs will be higher but the increase in value will balance that out. An egress window is the task of making a small window large enogh for someone to fit through. In the event of a fire somebody can escape through the window for safety. Also the added benefit of increased ventilation and natural light an egress window will give you.

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Mold In Basements

Mold In Basements Can Cause Health Problems And Lower Quality Of Life

Mold is a tiny microscopic organism that consumes organic material. Mold reproduces by releasing spores in the air which then attach on other surfaces which is how it regenerates. Mold is a type of fungi and in nature there are over 100,000 different species. In nature mold helps to decompose or break down organic matter such as leaves, wood and plant debris. Mold is useful in nature but when stuck in our homes such as in our basements it becomes a problem. Not only does mold release a bad odor but some people are very allergic to it.

Mold can enter your home as a tiny spore. Spores are small enough to be carried within the air for example if you have a window open and the breeze blows in from outside into your house spores can attach to the walls. Spores can stick to your shoes and be carried in that way also. This is normally not a problem if you have a dry home but if there is a lot of moisture present in your home the mold will thrive. The mold will feed on organic matter within your home such as the paper within your sheet rock walls, your carpeting and insulation.

Look at it this way moles are ever present they are a part of nature. If you have a mold problem within your basement the only way to cure the problem is to stop the root of the matter. The root of the matter is you probably have a moisture condition within your basement. There are different kinds of moisture conditions within different basements. There can be a leaky pipe from the house above or ground water could be leaking through the wall through a crack into your basement. Or the soil around your basement could be saturated with water and the water is moving through your basement walls and floors.

The only way to control mold within your basement is to control the moisture condition. The leaky pipe must be fixed or the underground water must be drained away. There’s a process called a French Drain which is installed under your slab which will remove underground water from around your basement. Also the grading around your homes perimeter must be sloped away from the walls and out to the yard. This will help prevent saturation of your soil next to your basement walls.

Another solution would be to add a dehumidifier In your basement. If you have a sink in your basement you should hook your dehumidifier up to your sink drain. This will ensure that you can always have a dehumidifier on if necessary and never have to worry about dumping the water out.

In closing if you have mold present in your basement most likely you have a moisture or water condition. If you plan on redoing your whole basement and ripping everything out or if your basement is bare you should have no problem finding your moisture or water condition. If your basement is already finished you will have to do some investigative work to try to find the source of the moisture or water. So go find that water problem first, then worry about getting rid of moldy old walls and ceilings

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Long Island Basement Remodeling

Long Island Basement Remodeling

Living on Long Island and owning a home can be a very gratifying experience. Home owners enjoy the increased values of their homes and the good quality of life Long Island has to offer. There comes a time when some home owners end up needing more space.  They should consider remodeling their basement. Finished basements add value and usability to your home.

Remodeling or finishing your basement is a great way to add living space to your home. It’s cost effective and takes much less time than expanding your home’s foot print or dormering. It’s less expensive and less intrusive to finish a basement than it is to expand.

A finished basement can be made to look just like a regularly constructed home. With the addition of an outside entrance and big egress windows natural light can enter the space allowing for an open feeling. Usually basement ceilings are built using a grid system but that doesn’t have to be the case. Sheetrock ceilings can be built to further enhance the real room feel.

Click here to see photos of a basement project. The basement has no egress or sheet rock ceiling but it does have an outside entrance. This basement in Bright Waters turned out wonderful and has a cozy feel to it.

Long Island Basement Remodeling

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