Affordable Basements Long Island

Affordable Long Island Basements

You’ve come to the conclusion that you need a basement and don’t know where to start. You are wondering how much could a basementaffordable basements long island cost and can I afford a basement on Long island. Typically a moderately sized basement will run around $20,000 with no bells or whistles. What are the bells and whistles you ask?

Size or Footprint

You can finish a portion of your basement. You don’t have to finish the whole thing. Keeping it down to the bare minimum can really make your Long Island basement more affordable than you think. If you only need a bedroom then by all means don’t finish anything else. You can always go back later down the road and add to it. A media room, a bathroom, A library etc. Finish the bedroom and get grandma or junior down there quickly to alleviate extra usage in the main portion of the home.


Adding a bathroom is a great way to add greater functionality to your Long Island Finished basement. Roughly estimating it could run an additional $10,000 to your basement price. If your drain is above the floor it will run a little bit more because of the extra equipment and labor needed to handle the waste water. Control costs by using basic materials and keeping it simple. IE a shower stall, tile on the floor only, buy your fixtures on clearance or on sale.


Kitchens are just like bathrooms. They require plumbing and extra equipment like cabinets, appliances and electrical. This too can add an extra $10,000. Control costs by using basic materials and keeping it simple with inexpensive in stock cabinets and handles, linoleum floor, clearance or scratch and dent appliances.


Having an egress windows or door is a great addition to any finished basement. An egress window adds about $5,000 an egress door about $8,000. You’re looking for an affordable finished basement so these may not be options for you but maybe in the future you could add one.

If you are finding it hard to afford a finished basement you may be able to find a basement contractor Long Island who will work with you. For example you can work it out in phases. You can agree to have the contractor complete a phase and pay him/her for that part of the job and come back another time to finish other phases. Some phases would be framing, electric, plumbing, wall board, doors and finishing and painting.

If you are handy you can do a phase or two by yourself and save a bunch of money. It all depends on how long are you willing to wait for the basements completion and how much you can afford at once. The best option might be that mentioned above. Split your basement project in to phases but instead of framing, electric etc. use the phases as bedroom, library, bathroom etc. This way you are getting a finished product quickly at an affordable rate.

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