Basement Design Long Island

Long Island Basement Design

Are you looking to alleviate an overcrowded living space in your home. Do you have an unfinished basement? If you answered yes to these basement design long islandquestions then presumably the thought of finishing your basement must have crossed your mind. Finishing your basement is a great way to utilize unused space in your home but before you start calling contractors try and figure out what you need incorporated into your basement design on Long Island. Consider these factors before you start designing your basement.


Basement needs are generally the utilitarian type spaces that take priority to other types of spaces. For example if you need to alleviate an overcrowded living space you might consider a Bedroom, Home Office, Playroom or Apartment.


Basement spaces you want are more of a luxury than a need. For example a Home Theater, Library, Gym, Sauna, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bar, Museum, Cedar Closets, Trophy Room, Game Room.


How big is your basement? Your basement foot print will determine the sizes and locations of your Long Island Basement Design. The location of stairs, windows, outside entrance, plumbing and electric will also determine best locations of rooms and usability.


How much can you afford? Affordable basements are possible if you have a limited budget. Adjust the sizes of rooms, use less expensive finishes, don’t finish the whole basement at once, keep an eye out for sales, look at second used building supplies or overstock building supplies, scratch and dent appliances.

Take notes and make a list of the types of spaces you want/need in your basement and write down all questions that arise. Consider your budget and when you need it done. Once you have this information it’s time to call a basement contractor for prices and ideas.

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