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Elwood Long Island NyElwood NY is a town located in the heart of Huntington. Elwood road runs through it running from RT 25 to 25A.

Adding Value With Your Finished Basement

Any finished basement can add value to a home. The increased floor space and usability a finished basement brings is comparable to an addition. The best thing about a finished basement is the ease of construction when compared to an addition. Additions cost more and require more money and planning to accomplish.

Best Ways To Add Value

Basement apartment that produces a rental income
An inlaw/nanny suite
Home theater room
House exercise room (fitness center, yoga, Pilates, sauna, etc.)

These types of rooms can be of the most benefit to the home. Although just an open area with finished walls and ceiling can give a great boost in value.

Quality of the finishing

Like another finished space in a house, the quality is going to have direct impact on the value. High end finishes in regards to lighting, flooring, toilets and kitchens are highly desired and will promote the total increase in worth. Another significant things in regards to quality to consider comprise:

Quality of the Workmanship (this probably goes without saying but having the finest finishes badly installed will not get you much worth)
Ideally the quality of the stuff should be consistent with the remaining residence (you WOn’t ever get full value for a lavishly finished cellar that drastically surpasses the finishing in the remaining house)

Increased Living Space

Let us face it, because they need more useable living space for the most part folks complete cellars! So it follows the more square footage a finished basement adds to the total size of the house the more value it’s going to bring. To put it differently, size issues! Another significant things in regards to size to consider contain:

Functionality of the layout (layouts that make the most of the useable space will consistently supply a greater yield)
Open concept design (layouts giving the understanding of more space are usually more popular than layouts that have numerous places separated by walls and halls)

Basement Blunders

There are some instances when it may not result in the likely increase in worth while having a finished basement is generally a huge plus. These instances are not pretty common and generally are an outcome of one or more of the following:

Incredibly poor layout and design (nothing is worse when compared to a layout/design that takes away from your overall attractiveness of your home or the sensed number of useable space)
Inferior quality workmanship (usually this contains the do it yourself renovators whose workmanship will be called into question)

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