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Huntington Bay Long Island located on the north shore in the township of Huntington in Suffolk county.

Resale Value With A Finished Basement

You most likely would not finish your Long Island basement if you planned to move soon. But we live in fast times. You never know. So resale value is important. Hard data for home improvement resale values is hard to come by. After all, these investments are not itemized in resale asking prices and you can’t purchase a finished basement by itself.

Fortunately, we have some info to figure the returns of a finished basement. Remodeling Magazine surveys Realtors throughout the United States to get estimates of home improvement resale values. Estimates for finished basements range from 37% to 115% of original cost nationwide.

The factors that most influence finished basement resale values include:

  1. How well your lower-level space is designed and the layout of the spaces.
  2. Addition of amenities the rest of the house does not have..
  3. A bathroom makes a basement much more valuable.
  4. The quality of workmanship.

Think about it. If your main living area is a four-star hotel and your basement is finished at a level that is sub par, you will obviously not realize a high return on your investment. If, on the other hand, you convert your 3-bedroom home into a 4-bedroom home by including a well built bedroom and full bath in your lower level, you will get top dollar.

Finally, if you insist on high-quality design and construction, you will further maximize your resale value.

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