Kings Park Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Kings Park

kings park ny basement contractorLocated on the north shore of Long Island NY in the county of Suffolk. Sunken Meadow state park is a well known destination for the boardwalk, beach, volleyball, trails and overall good place to enjoy the outdoors.

Keeping Your Basement Warm

Remodeling your Long Island Basement is a wonderful way to add more usable space to your home without extending its footprint. Unfortunately, ambient conditions tend to make even finished basements chilly and damp. The right heating and humidity control systems can do a lot to cut down on these problems, keeping your finished basement warm and comfortable all year.

Finishing the Floor
The first step in making sure that your basement feels inviting is to provide a finished, comfortable floor. Carpet is a common choice, but That might not be your best choice. Because of a basements high moisture content it’s a good idea to get an area rug instead of wall to wall carpeting. Reason being a rug is easier to remove and change if you suspect allergens and mold growing.

Some floors are built up with furring strips and rigid foam insulation is added between the strips. This keep moisture from seeping up through the living area and heat from escaping through the slab. The cons of this are ceiling height. You may not have enough clearance to build up the floor.

Also moisture seeping up through the floor? Where is it going? If it’s not getting picked up by your dehumidifier it could be trapped growing mold. Just make sure your floor is not gasing moisture using the plastic duct tape technique.

Extend Existing Heating
If your home already has a forced-air heating system, you can extend the existing duct work into the basement, providing extra heat. You might want to also add a return duct in the basement to allow for the extra registers you add to your basement.

If your existing system is hot water you can just run new baseboard heating around the walls you think might need heat the most. Usually the exterior walls afre the best locations for baseboards. You might want to consider adding another zone with it’s own circulator pump. It is easier to add a zone with hot water heat than it is with forced air. Very rarely do you need to add another furnace to heat a basement.

Other options for heating is radiant heating, electric baseboard, gas fireplace, wood burning stove and pellet stoves. Radiant heat is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive to install. It also brings the floor up which could cut much needed head room. Electric baseboard heaters expensive to run depending on where you live. Gas fireplaces are clean-burning and relatively simple to install, while traditional wood burning stoves and fireplaces provide a more attractive ambiance. Pellet stoves have been around for a while they serve the wood stove lover who doesn’t like lugging wood around instead they prefer to pour their fuel in, light it and forget it.

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