Lloyd Harbor Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Lloyd Harbor

Located on the north shore of Long Island home of Caumsett State Park. Down the end of West Neck Road you’ll find this old time Gold Coast town. One of the wealthiest towns in New York Lloyd Harbor prides itself on sustaining its old world charm and low density of homes even though they are located in close proximity to a metropolitan area.


Improve Efficiency Of Your Lloyd Harbor Basement
Basements tend to feel chilly but before you start cranking up the heat No matter how much heat you pump into your basement, the space will feel cold if you don’t improve efficiency. If your windows are single pane or the jalousie type you should consider updating to new windows with double insulated glass panels. If your walls are not insulated you should consider applying rigid insulation to the foundation wall. Rigid because it is water proof. Check the seals on your windows and doors to keep out drafts.

Reduce Moisture
One of the big factors that makes a basement uncomfortable is the higher moisture level. Even in relatively dry basements, the humidity is usually more than upstairs. This can make a normally comfortable temperature feel moist and chilly. Plan on installing a dehumidifier in your ducts or using a portable dehumidifier to reduce the overall humidity.

Consider adding an exhaust fan to exchange the stale air. Exhaust fans are good to suck out stale air that accumulates in a basement.  If you’re considering finishing your basement or have a basement that has already been partially finished, don’t forget about air movement. Improving your basement air quality can all help you, your family, and your guests enjoy your finished basement space much more. You might be surprised by the results you get with just a few changes.

Lloyd Harbor, Long Island