Quogue Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Quogue


Quogue NY is focused as a family oriented vacation spot. South of Sunrise highway off exit 64-65 some of it’s residences are adjacent to Gabreski airport. Quogue has access to the ocean where there are some of the finest beaches. Quogue is an Incorporated Village and contractors working there must have a separate license to do so. If you are looking for a basement contractor licensed to finish your basement in Quogue Click Here.

Basement Finishing Tips

Planning a finished basement is a unique challenge – one that is different from any other kind of remodeling project. Design your layout according to obstructions like staircase, support columns, plumbing, electrical, windows and doors. Consult with your contractor for the best ideas.


When finishing a basement, lighting comes at a premium Maximize the available lighting by strategically locating egress windows on the south wall, where they will pick up the maximum light from the sun. If you can’t don’t worry because adding an egress window to a basement any where makes a world of difference.

Be sure to also add lamps and task lighting throughout the basement, to brighten up those dark spots. Installing an aquarium in the room with programmable LED rainbow lighting, is another fantastic way to add light, greenery, and movement to a finished basement.


Creating one unified space with smaller areas for storage is the simplest plan that won’t get things to complicated. This will maximize the natural light from that egress window and allow for usage of that window from the the whole basement.

Some basements have limited space so a good idea is to build a closet under the stairs. Also shelving built into the wall will help save space. Building too many walls will kill an already small basement.


One challenge that many homeowners face is making their basement remodel match the style and feel that’s been used for the rest of the home. However, the unfortunate truth is that many of the building materials used for the main area of the home, such as drywall, wood studs, and carpeting made with organic materials, can easily be ruined in the sometimes damp environment of a basement.

Many of these issues can be avoided by using rigid insulation or spray foam insulation on your basement walls that will also create a vapor barrier. These insulation types are water proof. Then we can build walls using metal framing instead of wood.

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