Before You Finish Your Long Island Basement

Before You Start Long Island Basement Finishing

basement westhampton NYLong Island Basements So you’re at the point where you need more space and you’re on a limited budget, you also need it done quickly. Well if you have a basement then you’re in a good position to get it done asap right? Not so fast because there are some considerations before you dive in.

Moisture – Do you have any moisture or water problems currently or have you had any in the past? These problems are your first and foremost conditions that must be taken care with your Long Island Basement before you do any thing else. Even if the cost of curing your moisture or water problems takes you out of getting a finished basement you need to remedy these problems no questions asked. Moisture and water problems in your home is like having a fire you must take care of it immediately. Consider yourself lucky that you know about the problem because some problems are subtle and unnoticeable then manifest themselves later as a huge problem. Moisture in your house creates rot, mold, rust, stains, mildew and unpleasant odors. So before you finish your basement take care of your moisture problems or you might be building a basement that will need to be redone or ripped apart later on. You don’t want to do your basement twice do you?

Contractors – Usually calling a couple contractors over to measure the job and give you a price quote is a good first step. They can give you an idea of costs, how long it will take and might be able to spot any water problems you have.

Layout/Design – Before you call a contractor you might want to figure out how you want the basement configured. Where do you want the bath, kitchen, bedrooms etc. or you might want one big space. If you have a good idea before the contractor comes over it will be easier for the contractor to know what your intentions are. Some home owners even create a simple floor plan and give it to the contractor. You can achieve this with simple inexpensive software or use graph paper and draw it out by hand.

Budget – Be honest you need a certain amount of money to accomplish a certain amount of living space. You might want to let the contractor know what your budget is so you’re not misleading them. Or instead of disclosing your budget you can ask your contractor to do your basement in stages. For example you can ask your contractor to do the framing first and wait till you have enough funds to do the plumbing and electric. Then when you’re ready you can have the contractor come back to do the wall board and plastering/spackling. If you’re having a drop ceiling you can do that as another step also. You can split the job into a few steps to make it easier for you to pay or you can finance the project. Some contractors offer financing or you can choose your own options.

Entrance/Egress – An outside entrance and egress window will greatly increase the value and safety of your Long Island finished basement. You should consider having one or both of these elements applied to your finished basement. Some codes require they be installed but for safety egress during an emergency these options might serve invaluable. The costs will be higher but the increase in value will balance that out. An egress window is the task of making a small window large enough for someone to fit through. In the event of a fire somebody can escape through the window for safety. Also the added benefit of increased ventilation and natural light an egress window will give you.

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