How To Choose The Right Long Island Basement Design

The Best Long Island Basement Designs

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If you live on Long Island and have a huge basement under your home which is full of clutter, cobwebs, cockroaches, mice and other organisms then you are plainly wasting an opportunity to make your home more fun because that essentially abandoned part of your home could be transformed into something you and your family can be proud of. Many people are seeing the need to design their Long Island basements into something useful and there is no reason why you should be left behind. Here are a couple of tips to choose the right basement design so that it will be transformed into a place you will cherish.

Long Island basements are naturally more humid and cooler compared to other parts of your home and this should be taken into account when coming up with a basement design. Even though you may want to turn that part of your home into something that can help you chill out, it will be unwise if the design will cause damage to your home and that is why you should stay away from an idea such as installing a hot tub in your basement because it will only result in excessive amounts of moisture which will result in molds and rotting of wooden areas.

It’s also important to consider shortages you may be facing in your main house and incorporate that into your basement design. For instance if you receive lots of  visitors and face problems accommodating them in your main house then it may be a good idea to design your basement into a guest suite with a bathroom and other essential facilities to make your visitors as comfortable as possible. However make sure you have enough room in your basement to be able to execute this to perfection and don’t forget to install ample heating to ensure your guests don’t suffer from the lower temperatures down there.


If you and your family enjoy going to theatres to watch movies then it will be a great idea to design your basement into a movie room, equipped with large screen plasma or LCD TV, DVD player as well as surround systems to generate the ultimate movie experience. It won’t be a bad idea to have a pop corn machine installed somewhere down there and this will guarantee more family time with your spouse and kids, while saving you some movie ticket costs. On the other hand if there is lack of room for your kids to play or you realize that they are always messing up your living room then transforming your Long Island basement into a game room equipped with a large TV, couches, console games, pool tables, etc. will give your kids the chance to play and have fun. Painting the room in a theatrical theme will give it some more punch.


The basement under your Long Island home can also be transformed into a workout gym, office, workshop, bar, etc. depending on your preferences and whichever design you decide to opt for, you should make sure you will get the necessary permit as well as ample lighting and escape windows for unforeseeable situations.


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