Long Island Basement Organizing

Long Island Basement Organizing

When finishing your Long Island basement you might have a different purpose other than creating a living space. You might just need to organize all of your stuff. There are different options to organizing your stuff that’s cluttering your Long Island basement. There are shelving and cabinet options you can purchase to help clear up your clutter problem. You can have your contractor build you some quick inexpensive shelving with framing lumber and plywood or you can purchase chrome highly finished shelving units. The same goes for cabinets you can use builders cabinets or buy kitchen cabinets.

long island basement organizingDepending what you want to do or how you plan on separating your basement you could also have closets built all over the basement where your cabinets and shelving will be housed. You can have these closets as big or small as you like. Separated by subjects, for instance files in one closet, equipment in another, pantry in another etc.

Another option is to make your basement one big space and layout your shelving grocery store style. Where all of your cabinets and/or shelving is laid out creating aisles for easy access. This will make it easy for you to catalog everything and number the shelves. This will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for like a grocery store or a Library. You could possibly use a computer program to help catalog what you have and the locations of everything. If you’re not computer savvy you can just draw a plan out on paper and label everything in the plan. Imagine if you needed that big pasta pot or batteries but regretting the hunting trip you’ll go on just to find it. That’s a hassle but if you have an organized basement this “hunting trip” will not even be a question. You’ll have it and be on your way.

Another option is to split your basement into living and storage space. Using the same principals as storage and living spaces you can layout your basement as you see necessary. You can combine living spaces and storage spaces as two big halves or have each living space separated by it’s own storage space.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and budget. If you are in the market  to have your basement organized you can find a Long Island Basement contractor here.