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Your Long Island Finished Basement is a valuable asset and a very important portion of your home to take care of. In order to protect the basement of your home from moisture and rot, one cost efficient way is to apply a fresh coat of paint by an expert professional basement contractor. Failing to keep up with remedial maintenance and repair to your basement can turn out to be a costly mistake. Doing a makeover to your basement will give a higher value to it. Not only that, you will be in a happy mood  after the work is done. The extra protection and renewed life a new paint job will give to your basement can last for several years. Secure at least three bids and choose the best LI basement contractor based on your pre-determined criteria.


In planning a total remodel or just a painting of your Long Island basement homeowners are faced with the challenging decision of whether to hire a professional painting contractor or making it a do-it-yourself project. Many people are happy with the results of the painting jobs done by professionals. They believe that the quality and craftsmanship provided by good painters are worth much more than the money paid. Also the time it would take for you to do it yourself does not equal in value to the time you could spend on other projects. You might be contemplating doing the job yourself because you are having a hard time finding the right contractor. Maybe you think the cost of having somebody else do the job is too high.

If you have the money and not the time to have a professional paint your basement your going to be looking for certain criteria in your search for a Long Island Basement Contractor. Some questions you might have before you begin will be:

  • How will you discover a good painting contractor?
  • How can you rest assured that the finished project will meet or exceed your expectations?
  • What methods will you need to follow to get a fair deal?

These are some issues you might be dealing with or should be considering. If you are deciding to paint your basement plus other areas of your home you should be able to be qualified for a volume discount. Some contractors are able to apply a better rate when the job is bigger. So now is the time to consider painting the whole basement instead of one room or painting the whole house. Depending on your budget and desire to change colors will justify your decision.

Finding a good Long Island basement painting contractor is not that difficult. You need a little common sense and some minimal resources to get on the right track. Check your local papers for ads. Some of these are free and delivered right to your door or you might get them at the local market. Search the internet for Long Island Basement painting or Long Island finished basements. Whatever term you use you should be able to find a list of contractors able to do your job.

Once you narrowed your search down choose three contractors you think might be good for you. Set up the appointments and have them over for an estimate. The estimates should be free and the contractor should be able to give you a time they will be over. While they are at your home ask them what type of paint and primer they will use for your basement. If you don’t have any idea of the paint you want to use let them suggest a brand they like. Usually Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams are the products the professionals use.

Request that they give you references of past jobs. Three or four references is not so bad a number to ask for. They should easily be able to supply you with that. Try to evaluate the contractor’s behavior during the interview. You don’t need a degree in psychology but some common sense and gut feeling will serve you right. Good contractors show their professionalism with positive enthusiasm, courtesy and sincerity in dealing with the probing questions of potential customers. They welcome direct and straightforward questions. Your end result is to have a good job at a fair price but having a contractor with a good attitude is always an added bonus.

If the three contractors you chose have impressive customer references and pass your other criteria, you can start negotiations. Ask them to look at your home and submit a detailed scope of work and cost. Services would cover brand, quantity, type of paint and primer, color schemes, caulking, number of coatings, time frame of work from start to finish, estimated project cost, insurance, clean up etc. Once they have submitted their bids, it is now time to finalize the terms and conditions and sign up a deal with your preferred Long Island painting contractor!

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